Dubai - UAE

We are spreading our wings international, started our sister concern in DUBAI-UAE..!!

Doing Business overseas was our passion, made all initial survey and attempt at Luanda..!!

Eventually given up due to collaborators integrity …!!

Our sustained efforts landed us in DUBAI the Land of prosperity and soon to be Global Commercial HQ.!!

Civil engineering….. marvels are happening, in GCC in general and DUBAI in particular….!!

We landed there to expand our knowledge, vision, experience and exposure..!!

Yes we did it..!!Thus far it is an experience of its kind to start a business itself there…!!

To obtain orders and execute is an experiment of its kind..!!

That is what DUBAI is..!!The rules and regulations of it..!!

No wonder why the world’s largest Civil Engineering Projects are a reality there…!!

Yes We did it..!!We are highly successful ….!! With all our back home, experience, connections and contacts we have landed in a comfortable platform which shall propel us through to further heights.

Thanx to our ALMA-MATTER…!!

Expect more impressive details about our overseas venture …we are just a new born there as on date..!!

LLC -Dubai Operations:-

Quoted, negotiated and concluded a prestigious AED 78 Million contract partnering with an adequately Licensed company M/s. Aljihan Gulf Horizon General Contracting LLC, they being the principle Contractors for this project.

They are a G + Unlimited (Floors) License holders in Dubai.

They belong to a renowned 7Cs Group which consists of 22 different and unique business verticals having a combined Manpower strength of 2500 + employees.

Thus our collaboration has started on a long term basis, with mutual understanding and support, willing to expand our horizon globally.

Our men are actively involved in the construction and RDC LLC is learning new systems, situations, circumstances, rules, regulations and technology related to construction industry in UAE in general and Dubai in Particular.

The project is progressing on schedule and will be completed.


Do You Know

Third generation construction company
More than five decades in the business of building and promotions.
And following ethical, trade practice and systems in the industry

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